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Founded in Lappeenranta in 1991, TAK started out as a one-man company. During the first years, it was soon discovered, that due to the ever-growing number of tourists from Russia, the local businesses were in need of reliable analysis about their traveling.

To answer this shortcoming, TAK interviewed thousands Russian tourists at the eastern border stations. This was a success and the next year the research was repeated, and so was TAK Border Research born! Today we interview on average dozens of travelers each day, and employ around dozen research interviewers and analysts.

In the beginning, research projects were done in many different areas, including customer satisfaction, travel and events, to name a few. Later, not only, but also because of TAK Border Research, it became evident that the direction was to be set in travel research. So, we set our mission to help our customers grow by providing better understanding of the travel sector!

We want our research reporting to be

Over the last 25 years, we have served hundreds of companies and organizations in Finland and elsewhere in Europe. We have conducted research in Finland, Russia and other countries in Europe.

With the technological development, we have seen the market research industry change. There is the general need of getting the results out faster and faster, yet keeping the same reliable and professional touch. Also, because the amount of data available has exploded, we understand, it is ever more important to provide customers with insights, which are presented in a simple and easy to understand way.

Therefore, we thrive to report the most important insights from the data, and not just deliver "the numbers".

We harness the technological development for our own use by utilizing the latest technological methods to automate many of the research processing, so that more time can be used for the analysis to find insights. This helps us to find out and report what is really going on behind the data!


With data, we will help travel professionals´ to be aware of the trends in the travel industry

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Here are some of the projects we've been working on lately

Visitory travel statistics

Read about what is going on with traveling in Finland and Sweden and get the latest traveling figures from Visitory.io

The Research and Analysis Centre TAK Oy is developing its operations with the help of the European Regional Development Fund programme. The project defines an internationalisation strategy, on the basis of which the export of the Visitory.io service will be developed. The implementation period of the project is 22.12.2020 - 31.12.2022.

Vipuvoimaa EU

Tourism income and employment

By utilizing a variety of statistics and our own research data, we calculate tourism income and number of jobs created by tourism, for each municipality and province in Finland.

We use a method, in which traveler surveys and companies financial information are combined with a wide variety of statistical data. This is also known as the Nordic method.

All results for different areas are comparable in this research!

Travel research

TAK Border Research and Finns in Estonia are both research projects concerning travelers between Finland and abroad.

We interview annually thousands foreign visitors at different border stations, and over 2000 Finnish travelers visiting Estonia, at ferries between Finland and Estonia.

This way we gather information, not only about travelers who visit Finland (profiles and motives), but also where these people travel in Finland, and how much they spend during their stay.

Understanding the tourism sector in Finland is the main goal of our travel research!

We've had the privilege to serve e.g. these great organizations

Visit Finland
Visit Helsinki
Kaupan Liitto


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